Hi there 👋
I'm Gleb, a lead software engineer and a Frontend mentor.

I have been building software for Web for the last 16 years working with clients across various continents and industries. My focus is always on making any digital product accessible, performant, and fun to use.

Currently I am leading a fantastic team at Gropyus. We are on a mission to digitalize on-site construction processes.

I co-founded several startups in the past. I help founders to build sustainable digital products.

I love to help people to become developers regardless of their background, previous job, and skills. I enjoy patiently explaining complex topics in plain language like you're five. Whether you're catching up on a pet project or nailing a bug, reach out and we can do it together.

Please let me know if you feel you need help with the following topics:

  • #HTML
  • #CSS
  • #JavaScript
  • #TypeScript
  • #Java
  • #Kotlin
  • #Python
  • #SQL
  • #Android
  • #React
  • #ReactNative
  • #GraphQL

I also write about Web2, Web3, and startup life. Currently I am playing around with Machine Learning LLM.

I am interested in technology, education, video games. I play electro guitar in my free time.